Go on Bosphorus Ferry Ride - Eat like a local on layover food tour- Finish short tour at Turkish Bath. Best Stopover Tour Ever - Book Now

Let’s admit the fact that nobody likes to wait, whether it involves getting a movie ticket or sitting idle at your doctor’s appointment. It is also quite excruciating to kill time during airport layovers. The mere thought of waiting for hours at an airport for your next flight is unbearable. Just wonder how difficult it must be for those who actually have to pass the layover time at airports.

If you ever have to spend a stopover in Istanbul, we have some activities up our sleeves for you to try. Are you curious to know what you can do during a layover in Istanbul? Read on to find it out!

1.     Enjoy Turkish Baths

What’s the point of visiting a new city and not enjoying their well-loved traditions? Turkish baths, also known as Hamams, are an old-age Turkish tradition that dates back to the Ottoman Empire.

Where can you have a steamy, hot hamam in Istanbul? Cemberlitas Hamami! The place is not only great for cleansing your body, but it is an amazing spot for socializing with new people who have come from different walks of life.

There are separate bathhouses for both men and women, where they can pamper themselves with the self-scrub and scented soaps.

The historic Cemberlitas Hamami boosts a marble platform, which is soothing to the eyes. The bathhouse features elegant interior, inspired by the Ottoman architecture of the 16th century. It would, indeed, be a treat to loosen yourself and enjoy a nice bath in the hot room, also known as sicaklik.

2.     Go On a Bosphorus Ferry Ride

Do you know the best way to see the ever-so-beautiful Istanbul? It is through a Bosphorus Ferry Ride. So make sure that your Istanbul stopover tour includes the Bosphorus cruise.

The cruise minimally takes 20 minutes, and it offers a spectacular view of the most wondrous monuments and landmarks of Istanbul. If you want to feel like a true local, then do what Turkish do, i.e. buy a simit and feed seagulls while you cruise along the banks of Bosphorus.  

You can’t visit every part of the city during stopover in Istanbul. But a quick and smart way to have a good view of the entire city is through taking a cruise.

3.     Consider a Food Tour of Kadikoy

Make your Istanbul layover tour more worthwhile by visiting Kadikoy – the best food market in Istanbul!

Here you will come across a two-street market selling all kinds of fresh and organic products. You can get high-quality foods at an affordable price range.

Besides the local markets, the space also accommodates some popular restaurants and cafes. The food over these eateries is a real feast to the eyes. So take delight by enjoying some of the most authentic and pleasant dishes of Kadikoy restaurants.

Book your customized or private tours with Istanbul Layover Tours today and turn your boring layover into a happening one!