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Father of two, Professional Tour Guide since 2007, Manager @ ILT since 2013
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Istanbul Layover Night Tour

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Istanbul Layover Morning Tour

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Istanbul Food Tour with Latif

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John van Deinse

A Journey Through Time: Exploring Old Town Istanbul at Night

My family of five recently had the pleasure of joining the Istanbul Layover Night Tour in the Old Town of Istanbul, and it was an experience that left me utterly captivated and enthralled. Led by our extremely knowledgeable guide, this excursion offered a fascinating glimpse into the rich history and vibrant culture of one of the world's most iconic cities. From the moment we set foot in Sultanahmet Square, the heart of Old Town, I knew this tour would be something special. Our guide expertly navigated us through narrow alleys, each step steeped in centuries of history. As we wandered past the majestic Hagia Sophia and the awe-inspiring Blue Mosque, I couldn't help but feel humbled by the grandeur of these architectural marvels. Of course, no visit to Old Town Istanbul would be complete without indulging in its culinary delights. Our guide took us to hidden gems and a local eatery, where we savored traditional Turkish delicacies such as kebabs, mezze, Turkish delight and baklava. Each bite was a symphony of flavors, a testament to the culinary heritage of this vibrant city and I can't forget to mention the delicious teas. But what truly set this tour apart was the passion and expertise of our guide. His deep knowledge of Istanbul's history and culture was evident at every turn, and his enthusiasm was infectious. He went above and beyond to ensure that our kids had a memorable experience, answering questions, sharing anecdotes, and making us feel like welcome guests in his city. This tour was exactly what we needed to get a taste of Istanbul. I wholeheartedly recommend this night tour, especially if you have a long layover like ours was.
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Great Tour!!

Amazing experience! So easy and stress free! Latif is the tour guide to go to!

Great tour!

Had an awesome pick up and drop of driver named Levit. The process of getting there went very smoothly. Mr latif is very easy to talk with and quick with his responses. My guide was a fun guy with a lot of knowledge about the history of the old city. Knew all the places to take me in a short amount of time. Even with bad weather we made the best out of it. I’m already looking into booking a day tour with them. Highly recommended!!
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22-hour layover

My wife and I had a 22-hour layover in Istanbul on the 14th of February of this year so we decided to book an 8-hour layover tour. We were received at the airport and driven to the meeting point with Burak in a very nice car. Burak was on time and waiting for us ready to show us around. He was very kind and paid attention to all of our requests. He knew a lot about the history of the city and was able to take us to the best places in town for our needs, be those the cheapest market or a nice restaurant. He even took us to the best place to exchange currency so we could manage ourselves better. We left with a really good impression of the city and with our minds set on someday going back for a longer stay. Thank you Burak!
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Great half day layover tour

The tour was excellent. Even though there was a long wait for the driver in the airport but the overall tour is enough time for me to see Istanbul. The guide was excellent - and he got me to taste all different street food in Istanbul. One highlight was the boat ride to Kadikoy and he was extremely easy to be around which is important for a one person tour. The itinerary was perfect for a layover tour as I was able to see many things in such a short period.
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