Istanbul Layover Tours

“Creating The Best Experience for Long Layover in Istanbul”

ISTANBUL LAYOVER TOURS  (ILT) offer you to take the opportunity of making the best of your time during a layover in Istanbul.

Istanbul Layover Tours is a travel agency specialized entirely on city tours from Istanbul Airports and Hotels for transit travelers. We believe that the Istanbul layover tour is a great way to spend your valuable time, rather than sitting in the airport for long hours. As one of the most vibrant cities in the world, Istanbul has a lot to offer to turn a painfully boring layover into a cultural & fun experience in a few hours tour from Istanbul Airports. Layover Tours are operated from both Istanbul Airports (IST) Istanbul Airport & (SAW) Sabiha Gokcen Airport. Whether you have a short layover for 7 – 8 hours or long layover for 10 – 12 hours extended overnight in Istanbul Airports, let us know your flight details by filling out contact form. We will return to you with the best layover tour ideas and multiple options fitting in your flight schedule; Or just book instantly one of the most popular private or shared layover tours & activities with no effort.




 +200 TripAdvisor & Google 5 Star Verified Reviews by Happy Travelers.

Latif was the perfect tour guide! He is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing the history of each site we visited. He has a winning personality and went out of his way to make last minute arrangements to pick me up and return me to the airport in time for my connecting flights. I took two five-hour stopover tours on two separate visits and each was efficient, informative, and enjoyable. Istanbul is a stunningly beautiful city full of ancient history, architecture, and culture. Istanbul Layover Tours made my visits effortless and stress free.

Latif was wonderful! He was so responsive to emails. I was able to do a tour leaving the airport at 8am and got back around 4:30pm and saw all the ‘bucket list’ items as well as extra specialties! Many many thanks!

Excellent experience! Latif, guide and owner of the company, arranged everything perfectly for my evening layover in Istanbul. It started with a luxurious black car ride from the airport to Old Town where he was waiting to greet me. From there we wandered into the Spice Market, onto the ferry to cross into the Asian side of the city then back to head toward Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. I had very little time to do everything but Latif made it extra special. We said our goodbyes as I jumped back into my black car and headed back to the airport (all included in the tour). He was amazing and I’d highly recommend him and Istanbul Layover Tours to everyone.

Istanbul Airport Layover

Morning Layover Tour in Istanbul

If your flight lands at Istanbul Airport while the city is still sleeping and historical attractions are not open to visit yet, we have a better plan for you rather than sitting in the airport. Turn your early arrival time into a chance to try a delicious traditional Turkish Breakfast and Turkish Tea before heading to top sites of Istanbul. Cover thousands of years of history in a few hours. For sure, you will have a chance of getting some bargains in famous historical Bazaars offering traditional handcrafts, ranging from expensive jewelry, Turkish carpet, leather tiles or small souvenirs. Byzantine Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, Grand Bazaar.

Turkish Tea

Afternoon Layover Tour in Istanbul

​The city is awake now and still you have an opportunity to hit one or two museums and attractions, Dolmabahce Palace, Suleymaniye Mosque. Thereafter it is time to explore neighborhoods and historical markets like Spice Market and enjoy a ferry ride in Picturesque Bosphorus.


layover in Istanbul

Evening Layover / Night Layover Tour in Istanbul

​If you have just arrived in Istanbul Airport late afternoon or evening and are thinking that the city has already started to pack up and there are not many things to do. That’s not correct. Istanbul is a 24/7 living city; You will be surprised how late shops and markets stay open. Turn your layover in Istanbul into a culinary experience during your Istanbul layover. you would love to try the freshest Turkish Food in Kadıkoy Food Market, where locals shop or to stroll down buzzy Istiklal Street from Taksim Square. Finally, you will not miss the stunning view of Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia before concluding your stopover tour.

market tour


English Speaking – Local Guides with Degree in History & Tourism

All layover tours are led by a team of licensed tour guides and they are not only expert and a good historian but also a good travel companion. Learn about culture, politics and religion through personal stories and anecdotes Being accredited from the Ministry of Tourism, our guides provide fast- track entry to museums.


Private Istanbul Layover Tour 24/7 –  Private Istanbul City Tours from Istanbul Airports

Explore Istanbul in a private layover tour from Istanbul Airports with your private guide, not only day time but any time of day with us. ISTANBUL LAYOVER TOURS offer full flexibility on choosing top places to visit and things to do. Make the most of Istanbul transit time.

Small Group Layover Tours; Not a big fan of crowded group tours or Not qualified for Turkish Airlines Free Layover Tours?

Free airport layover tours are provided by Turkish Airlines stopover package under “touristanbul” and it is a great service for Turkish Airlines passengers, meeting certain requirement and having 6 – 24 hour layover in Istanbul. However, if you are not qualified for a Turkish Airlines free tour or do not like big crowded tour groups, you can check our small – group tours with a limit of 4 people max.

Small - Group Tours:

Looking For Overnight Layover Hotel with a Stopover Tour ? Don’t know Where to stay during Istanbul Layover ?

Your flight is arriving late evening and leaving the next day afternoon? Then, let us offer you with our Istanbul Stopover Package including Stopover Hotel and Istanbul Stopover Tour to make the most of your time in Istanbul. Find the best match layover accommodation depending on your arrival / departure airport.

Looking For Multi Days Turkey Layover Tour? Check out the most popular Turkey Tours by ILT

Experience the best destinations in Turkey with a range of comfortable accommodation options and transportation choices available in our 2-3-4 day Turkey Tour Package during your extended layover.

Most Popular Turkey Tours

Airport Transfer with Experienced Drivers and Meet & Greet by Welcome Hosts

Book hassle-free and reliable arrival / departure airport transfers with Meet & Greet Service at Istanbul and Sabiha Gokcen Airports.   


What is an Istanbul layover tour? 

An Istanbul layover tour is a sightseeing & guided tour that takes place during a layover in Istanbul’s airport. It typically includes a visit to some of the city’s famous landmarks and attractions.

What services does ILT offer?

ILT provides transit travelers, who have a long layover in Istanbul, with a well-balanced experience that includes the local culture, food, and history. All tour services are given by licensed tour guides.

What are the best layover tours ?

1 Day Private Layover Tour

Istanbul Night Layover Tour

Half Day Private Tour from Istanbul Airport

Can I leave the airport during layover in Istanbul?

Yes, you are allowed to leave Istanbul airport during layover in Istanbul as long as you have a valid visa obtained.

Can I get a visa online for a layover tour in Istanbul?

It is very simple process for certain country passport holders including US and Canada to get their e-visa in few clicks online; In order to see requirements and get it online, you can visit official website of Turkish Republic

How can you calculate the time available for a layover tour in Istanbul Airport?

In total 3 Hours; Subtract one hour from the total layover time for airport procedures, such as customs and security, and add two hours to ensure enough time to go through security and reach your gate. The rest can be used for a fun trip from Istanbul Airport.

How early should we be back at the airport?

For international flights, if the luggage is checked through to the final destination and already have your boarding pass, you will be dropped off 2 hours prior to departing flight. For domestic flights, 1 hours is sufficient.

What is the minimum layover duration to leave the airport for the tour ?

Recommended minimum layover duration is 7 hours for travelers whose flights are connected and have their boarding pass with them. We can accommodate business travelers with shorter layover duration. To be on the safe side, you may consider a tour when you will have plus 8 hour layover in Istanbul.

Is it possible to go on a tour during a 7 hour layover in Istanbul? 

Technically, it is possible to go on a tour during a 7-hour layover in Istanbul. However, flight delays or traffic congestion if any on that day can significantly reduce the available time and downgrade overall experience.

Is 8 layover in Istanbul long enough for a city tour from airport to the major sites?

8 hour layover in Istanbul is a good time to leave the airport and have a quick look what the city offer. Any longer layover than 8 hour, such as 10, 12 or 14 hour layover in Istanbul,  gives you a proper  chance to cover more ground and experience the city in depth.

I have a very long layover, 24 hour in Istanbul; Do you have any guided tour longer than 10 hours ? 

The longest guided tour is 8 hours within same tour + 2 hours airport and city transfers. We can offer additional activities for remaining free time and provide return transfer to layover hotel or airport at any time of day. Depending of arrival and departure time of flights, a suitable tour plan can be tailored based on traveler’s interests for 2 days.

I may get a free hotel by Turkish Airlines; Can you drop me off at layover hotel following the city tour?

We offer pick-up and drop-off at layover hotel given by Turkish airlines or any accommodation that you will book for overnight layover in city center or nearby airport.